Cheating Red Tw*ts !

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Cheating Red Tw*ts !

Postby Blue on Blue » Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:01 pm

Sadio Mane + REF + VAR = forget the league the way these decisions are going !
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Re: Cheating Red Tw*ts !

Postby BornBlueWillDieBlue » Mon Oct 07, 2019 2:55 pm

I don't know what I find more laughable or concerning!.

The fact that the pillock in the middle pointed to the spot for that theatrical throw-himself to the ground in a spin and arms outstretched piroete from Mane, or the fact that VAR saw fit to say "yes that is a penalty kick", or today the useless twit Dermot Gallagher, who by the way was pathetic as an official himself back in the day, agreeing with that decision and saying it was a penalty.

So THREE people saw fit to say THAT was a penalty, yet 2 of the 3 stated that both the Arm around the neck on Rodri (Spurs at home) and the Stamp on Silva (Bournemouth away) in 2 City games this season, say them challenges were NOT penalties......

There is no doubt in my mind about it, this whole league thing this season is a stitch up, they couldn't win it in 2016 (because of City and a Gerrard slip, for the 96!), couldn't win it last season (because of City), and so 30 years since they last won the Domestic Title, the FA and all the powers that be, PiGmol, VAR, FA, FIFA/UEFA will ensure that they bloody well win it this season, as there is no level they will not stoop to help and aid them in their quest.

It will be won in terms of engravement on the trophy by Liverpool, however, it won't be Liverpool that win the title, but LiVARpool and the FA helping every step of the way, it is Corrupt 100% and there is not a bleeding doubt about it, anybody who thinks otherwise needs to open their fucking eyes, or develop some basic level of intelligence, as it is not even being hid anymore now.
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Re: Cheating Red Tw*ts !

Postby Old_Blue » Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:43 pm

Maybe the Liverpool player concerned will get an Oscar for that bit of acting, but the ref should get one for his blind bit of acting, in fact he couldn't wait to give a pen so he must have known the cameras were on him and he wanted that Oscar.

The funny part of this decision was that neither the player or the ref even considered that it was obvious that they were cheating, it was so obviously a dive by the player that those watching were too embarrassed to admit it was a dive, and as for the ref i would like to see who he refs next and if he as a big decision to make, which way will that decision go will it be for the big team or the small team.
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Re: Cheating Red Tw*ts !

Postby Lancsblue » Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:53 am

I have been saying it for many many years that the refs are dead set against us, maybe its because we have "ruined football", the sheikh has done this by bringing world class players to a world class establishment in a refurbished area of Manchester ALL out of his own pocket, unlike some Americans we can name. We have taken the dross from other clubs in London at £25m a go (which I never heard one word of complaint from Arsole Whinger) and turned them into much better players than they were before. And both those clubs have the cheek to report us to FFP ffs. Shiverpool are fast becoming the new ManU. Remember when we were the noisy neighbours and pinched the title from under baconfaces nose? Remember the 32 years banners? not heard one fekkin comment about how its been 30 years since the Skivers won. Also, on that note, did anyone hear of ANY complaint when the team bus was trashed on the way to scamfeild? yet they can try and ban Bernardo for 6 weeks for having a crack with his best mate wtf is going on? its worse than soddin brexit.
We all know just how bad the refs are even accepting that "its a difficult job to do" but sitting in front of a TV screen a hundred miles away with no one else around you could wear whatever team scarf you wanted and nobody would have a clue.
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Re: Cheating Red Tw*ts !

Postby Mr-Ed » Thu Oct 17, 2019 6:40 pm

We have to be 25% better than the rest to win the Premier League. Sadly it's a fact based on refereeing decisions.
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