The Fuhrer is alive and well

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The Fuhrer is alive and well

Postby BornBlueWillDieBlue » Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:19 pm

Ilkay should tell the Fuhrer to "FUCK OFF", who the bleeding hell does he think he is?

I would have told him to sling his hook and piss off, I will like whose posts I want when I want, and nobody will tell me any bleeding differently.

He must have grown up idolising fucking Hitler this Bierhoff twat, a mistake?, I would suggest it is a mistake to play for Germany, and would curtail my International career if I was either of them two players, lets be honest Germany need them more than they need Germany.

And Leroy wants to go back to a country that treats people who represent them well like that, and play for a side whose hierachy are of the same self-righteous importance as this Twat Bierhoff.
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