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Postby Huey Blue » Wed Jan 22, 2020 11:00 am

The really annoying thing is that there are models out there that work.
But oh no! We can't use a system that works for other sports, so we will invent our own and it will be a disaster.
I would have thought the rugby model would have been adaptable for football e.g.
The referee thinks it is a try, but he's not sure if there was a forward pass (offside) in the build up so requests clarification, or was there obstruction (foul), etc.
He, and everyone can see it on the big screen, no offside, no handball, no foul = GOAL :*
And the supporters are happy :o

The referee on the pitch makes the decision and not some fuckwit at Stockley Park
VAR = Ruining Football since 2019
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Postby BornBlueWillDieBlue » Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:44 pm

VAR is shit, yes it fucked up again last night in not having City re-take the penalty by the letter of the law, but I am glad Jesus never got to retake the penalty, the 2 previous ones have been retaken because the player who cleared the ball following the save, had encroached into the penalty box before the kick was taken, the keeper being off his line by a yard or two, didn't have any effect on him saving the penalty, the shit penalty was the reason it wasn't scored, it Jesus had put it in the other corner, then no matter how far off his line he ran, he wouldn't have helped him save it.

I have made my feelings about VAR known on Facebook many times, and even uploaded a video last night after the event going on about the game and VAR as well.

It is bent and corrupt over here and they are not even trying to hide it, on the continent it is the match official who decides on the outcome and decision, over here it is VAR, the bozo with a whistle starts two halfs of football, ends two halfs of football, books a few players in between and does fuck all else
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Postby Old_Blue » Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:13 pm

It would seem that many managers don't like VAR and i can't blame them either, as the reds managers says, "something that takes two minutes to come up with handball" that says it is not a clear handball, and for me it as to be clear not only for handball, but offside, penalty, and sending off, that is why the on-field ref is the only one to make these decisions, and they get most decisions right first time, he also as two linesmen and they don't get many things wrong either, this VAR is not good for football or the refs who will think am i any good at this referring game, we know refs get things wrong at times, but not in the way this crap VAR as made mistakes, offside by a toe or the shadow of an heel of your boot over or on a line the TV put down on the ground, VAR is not run as well as it was supposed to be when it was first thought of, and those looking at it have to make their decisions quicker, offside should be at least half of that player in an offside position, and as for handball the player as always had to move his arm or hand to the ball not just the ball hitting his hand without him making a move with his hand to the ball.
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