Pep tells the players

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Pep tells the players

Postby Old_Blue » Tue Jan 21, 2020 6:00 pm

Having a contract at Man City doesn't mean they will be here next season, now to me that sounds like Pep is far from happy with what as gone on at City this season, maybe some new defenders maybe new midfielders or even new wingers, if this doesn't make them put more effort into the games nothing will, Pep is not a manager to let the grass grow under his feet, and if the players want to either play for Pep or play for City then they need to stop messing about and get winning, under Pep we have played some of the best football i have ever seen us play, and he must be pulling his air out with the way we have performed this season, so i would think he as already made his mind up on who stays and who he wants to go.
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Re: Pep tells the players

Postby Mr-Ed » Tue Jan 21, 2020 7:39 pm

So sign up for 3 more years Pep!
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Re: Pep tells the players

Postby BornBlueWillDieBlue » Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:31 pm

It sounds good and will be used as a tool by Pep to get them to perform the way he knows they can.

I don't buy it what he said though, the reasons why for me are simple.

1) The cost of them players to the club is astronomical, and we already saw with Mancini when it comes to clearing out a good/large number of players and starting again, it is the manager who goes, and no way will City want to see Pep leave, no way do I or any other blue want to see him go, but he also won't be allowed to make a massive overhaul of the squad.
2) He has waxed lyrical about all of them players (bar a few) in the previous two seasons and would not now suddenly just drop them the first time they go through a bit of adversity, yes a few will be moved on but not more than 5 at the most and we already know 3 of that 5 that would be "moved on" (Bravo, David Silva and Sane)
3) It would cost too much to replace all the ones who have "not" performed as they are capable of and done this season in one swoop and the club will NOT spend big money on any one player that would give us one of the worlds best, we don't get involved in bidding war's so the minute they start branding figures of £70m+ around, we are not involved, regardless of what the press say, we will not spend that much on anybody

It looks good for column inches, but I think this is a ploy by Pep to give them a kick up the arse, as he continually chops and changes his team, thus nobody is ever "dropped", so he cannot use "dropping them" as a threat, as they will just laugh in his face if he did and say, yes, drop me for a few games, I know I will be back soon.
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