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Postby Old_Blue » Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:19 am

This man didn't sing the National Anthem and now he doesn't bow to the Queen, yet he wants to be PM of the same country that as a head of state who is the Queen, it is protocol to bow to the Queen or King if we had one, this disgrace to our country should never have a chance to become PM, in a word he his an arsehole, i can't get the video but it is on Facebook.

I'm voting UKIP in the next election shared English civil Defence Force's video.
21 June at 18:42 ·
NATIONAL DISGRACE: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to bow to Queen and then WINKS at colleagues
JEREMY CORBYN has come under fire on social media after the Labour Party leader appeared to refuse to bow to the Queen and then winked during the State Opening.

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