Shooting at Westminster.

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Shooting at Westminster.

Postby Old_Blue » Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:46 pm

Today 4 people have died in an attack on London. one was a Police officer another was a lady and then the murdering basted died, one other we don't yet know about, many have very bad injuries for just being there, those injured were hit by a car being driven by this bastard, he may also be the one that stabbed the policeman, another policeman shot him and it is being reported he now as died, this sort of thing is hard to stop, but while people ran one way when they new what was going on, the policeman went towards the attacker but was stabbed with a large knife, all MP's were kept in the house of commons for 3 hours or more before being let home.

if this happens in other parts of the country how can the police stop it, after all the government have made cuts of our police officers and medics, and yet they are still supposed to protect us from attacks like this, it looks like it was done by a lone wolf and I hope he rots in hell the bastard.

Also in Parliament today there were lots of little kids being shown around, those little kids tonight will be in shock they were only about 6 to 9 year olds, when they came out after they were let out, we were told by a reporter that some were crying and some looked completely in shock, it must be awful for them are there parents.

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