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Postby Old_Blue » Sat Oct 27, 2018 5:09 pm

My lad went to the City store to look at how much the City shirts cost for us to buy some for Christmas, he said it was 60+ pounds for an unsigned one and 80+ for one with a name and number already on the shirt, sorry but that is far too much for a shirt, City one or not, we are now pensioners but even if I was working I would not pay silly money for a football shirt, if fans pay that for a shirt then sorry they have more money than sense.
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Re: Expensive.

Postby BornBlueWillDieBlue » Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:35 pm

Old Blue, the cheapest football shirts these days at City are the retro one's, they are about £25-£30 for them, and although not mass in numbers they do have a varied range, from the 1956 FA Cup Final shirt to the one worn by Dickov and the gang when we beat Gillingham in added on added time back in 99.

I blame Michel Platini and UEFA for the high rise in costs for merchandise and other items from football clubs these days, as they have to make the money in order to spend it, before Platini the French bent criminal twat got involved Shirts would cost £40 at the most and all other items were reasonably priced also, as the owner would spend the money he saw fit to do so on the pitch and it didn't need the club to make a profit of a specific amount before you could spend a further specific amount..............clubs can only spend an operational £35m more than the profit made during the FY costs......utter stupid if you ask me, and so because of him, the fans of all sides are treated like a comodity and forced to spend huge sums of their money in order for the hope that their club could afford the top players or to compete with their colleagues in the country.

I agree, I wouldn't pay that much money for a shirt at all, wait until next season and they will be £25-£30 again as the club change their shirts as often as Chelsea do managers these days.
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