We are 3/4’s of the way through the season so players should be starting to understand each other, but no surprises we’re still passing the ball around at a snail’s pace. It has made City predictable, easy to defend against and lethargic.

It’s the Serie A, Italian way. Everyone goes on about how great the Italian league is defensively. Is it bollocks. The reason you don’t get many goals is because it takes 15 minutes to start an attack to finishing it.

I’ve defended Mancini to the hilt, and given him support, but there doesn’t seem to be a solution. When I think next week, next week we’ll see an increase in tempo. But next week comes and goes and I’m left baffled.

We have aspirations of being a Barca, but while we do set up in a very similar style to Barca, we are nothing short of a poor man’s copycat, a pub team based on Barcelona if you like, and that’s all down to the boring brand of football we are being served up.

No wonder Serie A just dropped to the 4th league in Europe, anyone who watches Serie A will realise just how painful watching this league is. It’s where skilful players go for an easy time of it and a nice little payday. Take Ibra, Robinho, Eto’o, and Dinho as examples. An average league with average players, who are allowed to look good because of the time given to them.

We’re not in Serie A, and while Serie A continues to fall behind the modern day revolution of football, City and the way they are playing will join them.

Evolve Roberto, increase the tempo, and turn it up a notch or 3, because the way you have us playing will win us nothing in the future, no matter how much money you spend.