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Carlos Tevez – Will he Stay, or will he Go?

Posted by on 14 Apr 2011 | Tagged as: Uncategorized

I have been commenting on this subject for some time and as we head towards the end of the season it is probably worthwhile resurrecting the debate.

Personally, I have always believed that he will go in the summer of 2011 for a number of reasons:

• His personal life and in particular being away from his children, although I accept in more recent times they have been spending some time in Manchester but I see this as a short term fix.
• I don’t think he is entirely happy with the situation at City and whilst he was given the Captain’s armband, I think we have a much better Captain waiting in the wings to take over and that would be Vincent Kompany.
• Carlos has been good for City and will be long remembered for the right reasons but perhaps it’s time to cash in whilst his value is high and let’s face it, his agent doesn’t do him any favours either.

There may also be other factors to take into consideration and one of these which may be crucial to the whole debate is Roberto Mancini.

Will Roberto Mancini be at Manchester City at the start of next season?

This is a bit of an unknown at the moment but there are suggestions that he may move on and make way for someone else and the rumour mill will be in overdrive depending on how the rest of this season pans out.

Qualifying for Champions League is a ‘must’ this season and Roberto Mancini’s survival may depend on our league position.
He may already be on thin ice as recent results and in particular performances have not entirely gone to plan and admitting that you made a mistake is one thing, but mistakes and results go hand in hand and we may yet see another manager in place for the start of next season.

If Mancini is still at City for the start of next season, then I feel that Tevez will go, if Mancini is not at City then Tevez may stay, but I feel this is unlikely.

There are I believe still underlying problems with Roberto Mancini and his staff and I don’t see these being resolved in the period of time available.

Perhaps Saturday 16th April at approximately 7.10 p.m. will be the defining moment for Manchester City F.C. and Roberto Mancini.

Unfortunately, Carlos Tevez will not have any physical input on the result on the pitch, but he may have some influence off the pitch on his future and that of others around him.